Vibrant communities and
aging well go hand-in-hand

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative is a statewide, cross-sector initiative that fosters aging, dementia and disability-inclusive communities.

The Collaborative is an initiative of Connecticut Community Care. Delegated by the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity, we’re leading the state’s livable communities initiative (Section 17b-420a of the Connecticut General Statutes) Livable communities are inclusive, vibrant places where we can all thrive across the lifespan.

What We Do

Every Age, Every Ability

Our campaign to disrupt ageism and ableism, informed by the lived experience of Connecticut residents.

A Kids Book About Ageism

Our children’s book teaches kids to recognize ageism and understand how it hurts all of us.

Community Leaders Fellowship

The Fellowship builds bridges between local governments and residents to create more inclusive communities.

Age Well Academy

A free webinar series exploring the many ways that our communities are stronger when we all belong.

Resource Guide Series

A series of guides to support local governments in shaping communities where we can all age well.

Wellspring Awards

Our annual awards celebrate community-based initiatives that foster aging, dementia, and disability inclusivity.

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