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Municipal government, community stakeholders and residents can work together to create more aging, dementia, and disability-inclusive communities — resulting in more just, equitable communities for everyone.

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative’s resource guide series supports local government in shaping communities where we all can thrive across the lifespan. These four guides progress from introducing the livability movement, to examining why age and ability-based equity are a critical piece of livability, highlighting community initiatives that are working to expand equity, and finally proposing concrete actions that can be implemented in communities throughout Connecticut.

For each guide, we include a large-print, graphic-free version, designed for easy interaction with screen-readers and generally available for anyone who is visually impaired.

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Fostering Aging, Dementia, and Disability Inclusivity

Our first municipal resource guide describes the Connecticut Age Well Collaborative, summarizes key data, describes the history of the livability movement, describes our collective impact partners, and provides a framework for shaping great Connecticut communities where we all thrive as we grow up and grow older.

The cover and an inner spread of our resource guide, "Celebrating Vitality and Promoting Inclusivity in Our Communities"

Celebrating Vitality and Promoting Inclusivity in Our Communities

Our second resource guide examines the importance of advancing age and ability-based equity, which means promoting policies, structures and systems that enable older adults, individuals living with dementia, and people with disabilities to have a fair and just opportunity to obtain optimal well-being.

Honoring Community Excellence: Examples of Innovation and Inspiration

Our third resource guide highlights recipients of the Connecticut Age Well Collaborative’s first annual Wellspring Awards — four recent or ongoing initiatives that are having long-term, systemic community impact and integrate the voices of individuals with lived experience.

The cover and an inner spread of our resource guide, "Honoring Community Excellence"
Cover of our resource guide, Practical Action for Aging, Dementia, and Disability Inclusivity

Practical Action for Aging, Dementia, and Disability Inclusivity

This fourth in our resource guide series for local governments provides an evolving list of best practices for advancing aging, dementia, and disability inclusivity. Organized around our framework of ten impact areas, this guide integrates suggested actions to improve community livability from international, national, regional, and local thought leaders.

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