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A Kids Book About Ageism

We’re so excited — we wrote a book! Our children’s book to disrupt ageism has been published by A Kids Co, an independent publisher specializing in books that kickstart important conversations with kids.

In the fall of 2023, Collaborative staff teamed up with an amazing trio of our Community Leaders Fellowship alums to write A Kids Book About Ageism. Written in a co-creative process and informed by lived experience, the book explores what ageism is and why it hurts us all.

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative working to disrupt ableism just as much as ageism (check out our campaign, Every Age, Every Ability) — so why’s the book just about ageism? It’s because A Kids Co already has some other titles in their amazing collection that address ableism, like A Kids Book About Disability.

Sneak a Peek!

When people ask what’s inside, here’s what we say:

Right now, each of us is getting older. Yes, each and every person on the planet! Aging is a completely normal part of living, but because of ageism, some people believe getting older is a problem or something to fear. The experience we gain as we age is a gift, and this book can help us learn to spot and stop ageism in our lives. Growing older is beautiful! 

The cover of our book, 'A Kids Book About Ageism'

How to Get Involved

We hope this book helps the broader movement to shape a world in which we all truly belong, regardless of age or ability

Read the Book!

Get your copy of A Kids Book About Ageism on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from A Kids Co.

Advocate in Your Community

Invite libraries, schools, and other changemaking organizations in your community to add the book to their collections.

Start a Conversation

Download the A Kids Book About Ageism Conversation Guide to spark conversations about ageism with the kids in your life. (You can also download a conversation guide for our campaign, Every Age, Every Ability.)

Spread the Word

Share the book and your experience reading it on social media -- and be sure to tag us (@ctagewellcoll) on Facebook and Instagram!

Write a Review

Review our book on GoodReads -- if you bought your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you can review it there, too!

Start a Conversation

Download the Conversation Guide

We’ve created a free conversation guide with prompts to help you go deeper when you read A Kids Book About Ageism. This guide is designed for use at home, but it can be used anywhere.

We’re also making guides specifically for school and libraries. We’ll share those when they’re ready! 

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