Every Age. Every Ability.

About the Campaign

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative is a statewide, cross-sector initiative to foster more aging, dementia, and disability-inclusive communities. Successfully shaping policies, practices, and resource flows that support Connecticut residents across the lifespan first requires us to look at our deeply held, implicit beliefs about aging, dementia, and disability. We’re launching a campaign to disrupt ageism and ableism, informed by the lived experience of Connecticut residents.

The posters displayed here are moment-in-time products. They are not “the finished campaign,” but rather a catalyst toward conversation that helps us evolve and refine these creative products. We also hope that these concepts inspire locally-tailored, community-driven campaigns to tell meaningful stories, challenge implicit bias, and value every age and ability.

Join us in this co-creative process of creating safe spaces for introspection, building community authority, and promoting age and ability-based equity. Learn more in our 2024 Age Well Academy.

Funding in support of the Collaborative’s campaign to challenge negative bias about aging and disability is provided primarily by the Connecticut Council of Developmental Disabilities, with additional, generous support from Connecticut Community Care, the Connecticut Department of Aging and Disability Services and the Point32 Health Foundation.

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The Posters

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