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A Framework for Communities

We’re living longer and healthier lives than ever before. As demographics shift in unprecedented ways, there’s a new urgency and opportunity to prioritize aging, dementia and disability inclusivity in all of our work.

The Connecticut Age Well Collaborative is inspiring municipal governments, community stakeholders and residents toward deeper age and ability-based equity, resulting in better communities for all of us.

We have adapted the international framework developed by the World Health Organization for application in Connecticut communities. This newly revised framework explicitly goes beyond aging to address disability and dementia, recognizing that steps to create more thriving communities can help multiple populations, and ultimately everyone.

Our Framework


Impact Areas

Our framework recognizes that livable communities must also support the families and care partners of affected individuals.

Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Recognizing the intrinsic value of each community member, acknowledging and addressing that systems do not enable everyone to start from the same place, building community authority for all, and promoting systems and spaces in which everyone belongs.

Community & Social Services

Empowering residents with choice, independence and dignity, and enabling high-quality lives at home and in the community, regardless of age or ability.

Health, Well-Being & Food Systems

Promoting the physical and behavioral health of all community members through thoughtful community design, conditions in which people can optimize vitality, and just food systems.

Communication, Information & Technology

Emphasizing transparency and thoughtful application of an equity, aging, dementia and disability lens to optimize inclusivity and community connectivity, including thoughtful incorporation of established and emerging technology.


Offering a broad range of accessible, affordable and community-promoting housing options in thoughtful, diverse, connected, intergenerational neighborhoods of opportunity.


Advancing inclusive and safe mobility and access for all roadway users — including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motor vehicles — regardless of age, ability, income, or ethnicity.

Public Spaces, Buildings & Businesses

Encompassing safe and accessible places — ranging from green spaces to places of civic engagement to places for commerce — that help foster a sense of community, mutual caring, and engagement of users of all ages and abilities.

Social, Cultural & Civic Engagement

Creating vibrant, intergenerational places where all residents enhance community capacity, lived experience is valued, cultural diversity is celebrated, and opportunities for engagement are available across the lifespan.

Economic Opportunity

Providing opportunities for economic security, access to commerce, and meaningful employment at all stages of life.

Public Safety & Preparedness

Integrating thoughtful training and planning into promoting public safety, understanding how to appropriately support all residents in emergency circumstances, and empowering, respecting and optimizing the dignity and independence of all residents.

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Download Our Resource Guide

Our fourth municipal resource guide, Practical Action for Aging, Dementia, and Disability Inclusivity, provides an evolving list of best practices for advancing aging, dementia, and disability inclusivity, organized around our framework of ten impact areas.

Cover of our resource guide, Practical Action for Aging, Dementia, and Disability Inclusivity

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