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Daring Dialogues

Are you on the journey to disrupt ageism and ableism? A Daring Dialogue can help your community raise awareness, reduce bias, and achieve more — together.

Daring Dialogues are community workshops designed to foster open and constructive communication. We bring together community members and local leaders to challenge assumptions about aging and disability and explore how our biases influence our thoughts and actions.

Through sharing lived experience and guided facilitation, we’ll explore how ageism and ableism impact our lives and community, identify and unpack biases that are hindering growth, and build relationships to increase impact.

Daring Dialogues are not public forums or town halls. They are not designed for community members to voice complaints and concerns to government officials. They are a space for collective discovery and growth toward positive change.

Who should Participate?

Municipal Leaders

Daring Dialogues facilitate conversations that help municipal leaders expand their understanding of ageism and ableism.

Community Members

Daring Dialogues are an opportunity for community members who are navigating ageism and ableism to share their lived experience.

Care Partners

Daring Dialogues foster communication with the care partners of people who have experienced ageism and ableism.

About the Format

Build momentum.
Break down bias.
Be daring.


The workshop is 2.5 hours. This type of program is often 16 hours, over two full working days — to make the time commitment more feasible, we have truncated the design to fit into a single afternoon. (At the conclusion of previous Dialogues, participants have still wanted to talk more!)


Daring Dialogues are held in-person at an ADA accessible location in your community. We offer a virtual version as an ADA accommodation. Participants can request ADA accommodations at registration.


The workshop can accommodate 12-30 people. We aim for a diverse group with approximate equal representation of individuals aged 65 and over, people with differing disabilities, and municipal representatives — including elected officials and staff. A second session may be booked on the same day if registration exceeds 40 people and capacity is available.


Daring Dialogues are currently free for municipalities on a first-come, first-serve basis. We also offer programs to other community partners for a reasonable fee.

Dates & Timing

Daring Dialogues take roughly three months to implement — from selection to the day of the workshop. Upon selection, we will work with you to find a mutually convenient date and time.


Participating municipalities will create a team of three leaders for recruitment and planning. The team consists of one person who is well-connected in each of three demographics: municipal leaders, lived experience in ageism, and lived experience in ableism.

Over the three-month planning and implementation process, each recruiter should plan to dedicate about 15 hours total. The team member handling logistics coordination should plan to dedicate an additional 15 hours.

Planning Support

We understand the practical challenges of planning a community program. That's why we offer a comprehensive toolkit and hands-on support to lighten the load, and help you focus on what matters most: connecting with your community.

Checklist & Timeline: Stay on track with a clear roadmap for planning your program.

Print-Ready Marketing Materials: Professionally designed poster and flyer.

Outreach Tools: Save time with templates for emails and social media posts.

Registration Support: Pre-made registration link and enrollment reports to guide your outreach strategy.

Planning Partners: Benefit from our hands-on support and recruitment coaching.

Expert Facilitation: Fully participate while a seasoned facilitator leads your Daring Dialogue.

Apply to Host a Dialogue

Ready to Get Started?

Municipal applications for the 2024 Community Leaders Fellowship are open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To preview a PDF of the application, click here.

Need More Information?

For questions, please contact Christina Gray, Community Partnerships Manager.

Email Christina.Gray@ctcommunitycare.org

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